You deserve to be rewarded

Rewards for Samsung smartphone

It's fun and fast to start earning points in Rewards, built exclusively for Samsung users. Discover and download useful apps reviewed just for you, evaluate new services and partake in surveys. It’s that easy! And then…burn points on everyday items such as vouchers and data or bank your points for limited once in a lifetime big ticket items! But you will need to be fast if you are to get the scoop!

Rewards is in beta phase and currently only available on a select range of premium Samsung phones. Become an official app tester and tell us what you think.

You deserve to be rewarded


Get the best of the Earn and Burn activities right on the Home screen so you can jump right in.

My Wallet

You can easily check your wallet to see which items you have purchased or vouchers that you have available to use, from the star action button


To check all your previous transactions you can access the History screen from the menu so that you can see how you have Earned and Burned points.

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